Bath and Body Works Return Policy In 2024: Everything You Need to Know

bath and body works return policy

Have you ever found yourself with a Bath and Body Works product that just wasn’t right for you? Don’t worry, their return policy is designed to make your life easier.

Whether it’s an unwanted fragrance or a gift that missed the mark, you can return most items within 90 days of purchase, even without a receipt. Plus, exchanges are hassle-free, and there are options for both in-store and online returns.

For a more detailed understanding of how to navigate their return policy, be sure to read the full article for peace of mind and a seamless experience.

What Is Bath and Body Works Return Policy?

Bath and Body Works’ return policy is designed to be straightforward and customer-friendly. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have 90 days to return or exchange most items.

This includes products bought in-store or online, with the flexibility of returning online purchases at any physical store. Even if you’ve lost your receipt, you can still return items.

Just bring your item in its original packaging to a store, and they’ll take care of the rest. Bath and Body Works ensures a hassle-free experience, prioritizing customer satisfaction with their flexible return policy.

Return TimeframeWithin 90 days of order receipt. Final sale items are not returnable.
Return CostFree for all orders.
Refund Timeframe10-14 business days after receiving the returned item.
Original PackagingRequired with all tags and accessories.
ExchangesAccepted within 90 days of purchase; beyond 90 days if unused and unopened.
Bill RequiredReceipt or proof of purchase needed for all returns.
Shipping FeesNo return shipping fee for in-store or online returns.

Bath and Body Works Return Policy Without Receipt

If you’ve purchased something from Bath and Body Works but lost the receipt, don’t worry! You can still return items without a receipt. They understand that sometimes receipts get misplaced.

You’re eligible for a full refund within 90 days of your purchase, even without the receipt. Just bring the item back in its original condition, and they’ll take care of the rest. It’s all about making the return process stress-free and convenient for you​​.

Bath and Body Works in-Store Return Policy

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it to any of their physical stores, regardless of whether you bought it in-store or online. Just make sure to do so within 90 days of purchase.

Remember to bring the item in its original condition and packaging, and if possible, bring your receipt or proof of purchase. 

Bath and Body Works Exchange Policy

Bath and Body Works offers a flexible exchange policy, designed to make your shopping experience stress-free. You have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange most items.

Even if it’s past 90 days, don’t worry! As long as the items are unused and unopened, you’re still eligible for an exchange.

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How to Return Items to Bath and Body Works

Returning items to Bath and Body Works is straightforward, whether in-store or online:


  • Check if the item is return-eligible.
  • Bring the item in its original packaging to any Bath and Body Works store.
  • Present your receipt or invoice for verification.
  • A staff member will process your return.


  • Verify the item’s eligibility for return.
  • Follow the return instructions on Bath and Body Works’ website.
  • Prepare the item in its original packaging.
  • Ship it back or drop it off at a designated shipping center, as guided by their policy


Can I return or exchange items purchased with a gift card?

Yes, items purchased with a gift card can be returned. The original purchaser and gift recipients can return items for store credit or an exchange​​.

How will I be refunded for my returned items?

Refunds are generally issued to the original payment method. For purchases made with gift cards, refunds may be given as store credit​​.

When can I expect to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed within 10-14 business days of receiving the returned item, although the exact timing may vary depending on your payment method and financial institution​​.


Bath and Body Works offers a flexible and customer-friendly return policy. With a 90-day window for most returns and exchanges, even without a receipt, it ensures a hassle-free experience.

Their policy, accommodating both in-store and online purchases, prioritizes customer satisfaction and makes returning or exchanging products straightforward and convenient​​​​.

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  1. This didn’t seem to be the case here. I had some wallflowers I ordered online, didn’t like the scent, so they’ve been sitting around. I opened them to smell & it was headache city. I was at a store & asked if I could exchange for different scents. She said yes. The nearest store in every direction is 1+ hours, so I very rarely get a chance to go. Brought them in & instead of being able to exchange like for like, was told they give a credit of the lowest price the items have ever sold for. So 5 wallflowers & 3 car scents…they gave $14 store credit. The price tags were all still on them, so you can see they’re all from the current inventory price point & they’re all current scents. All I wanted was to exchange for scents I do like. Big crock of crap to not allow like for like.

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