Bouclair Return Policy 2024: Everything You Need to Know

bouclair return policy

If you’re wondering how to navigate Bouclair’s return policy, you’re not alone. Understanding the nuances can be challenging, especially with various conditions like the 30-day return window for online and in-store purchases, and specific rules for gift and holiday items​​​​​​.

This article simplifies the process, offering a step-by-step guide to return your items hassle-free, whether they were bought in-store or online. From handling time-sensitive holiday returns to dealing with shipping costs, we cover it all in this comprehensive guide.

What Is Bouclair Return Policy

Bouclair’s return policy is straightforward and customer-friendly. For purchases made through their website, you have a 30-day window from the order date to return items, either in-store or by mail. This applies to most items, provided they meet Bouclair’s return conditions. In-store exchanges are also available but note that handling and shipping fees are not refundable.

Additionally, for gift purchases, there’s a specific return deadline, which is January 7th of the following year. As for Christmas decorations, they must be returned by December 24th. From December 26th onwards, all sales are considered final​​​​​​.

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Bouclair Return Policy Without Receipt

If you don’t have the original receipt for your purchase, you can still exchange the item. In certain exceptional circumstances, Bouclair may issue a return in the form of a store gift card instead of a direct refund. This policy allows some leeway for customers who have lost their receipts but still wish to return their items​​.

Bouclair Return Policy After 30 Days

Bouclair’s return policy allows for returns or exchanges within 30 days of either the reopening of your local store or from the date of receiving your order. This policy applies to both in-store purchases and orders shipped to your home.

If you choose to return items by mail, you need to contact customer service within this 30-day period to request a return label. It’s important to note that exchanges are only offered for in-store purchases, whereas returns can be done both in-store and by mail. Additionally, handling and shipping fees are not refundable under this policy​​​​​​​​.

What Is Bouclair Exchange Policy

Bouclair’s exchange policy is designed to be straightforward and customer-friendly. The company retains the right to decline any return or exchange, as well as refunding shipping and handling charges.

To be eligible for a refund or exchange, the returned items must meet certain conditions: they must be in a sellable state, unused, and in their original packaging. This includes keeping all barcode labels intact. Bouclair emphasizes the importance of maintaining the product’s original condition to ensure a smooth exchange or refund process​​.

How to Return an Item to Bouclair

Online Returns to Bouclair

  • Check Eligibility: Ensure your item is eligible for return within the specified return period (usually 30 days from purchase).
  • Initiate the Return: Contact Bouclair customer service to request a return. You might need to provide order details.
  • Pack the Item: Safely pack the item in its original packaging.
  • Shipping: Attach the provided return label to the package. Note that shipping and handling charges are typically not refundable, and return shipping costs may be your responsibility​​​​.
  • Send the Item: Drop off the package at the designated shipping carrier.
  • Track Your Return: You can track the return process if Bouclair offers order tracking​​.
  • Refund Processing: Once received, Bouclair will process your return and issue a refund to your original payment method.

In-store Returns to Bouclair

  • Visit the Store: Take the item to your nearest Bouclair store within the return window.
  • Bring Proof of Purchase: Carry the original receipt or order confirmation.
  • Return at the Store: Approach the customer service desk for assistance with the return.
  • Refund or Exchange: Depending on their policy, you may receive a refund or store credit.

Bouclair Customer Care details

Bouclair customer service details are as follows:

Bouclair Customer Service Hours

DayService Hours
Monday10am – 4 pm
Tuesday10 am – 4 pm
Wednesday10 am – 4 pm
Thursday10 am – 4 pm
Friday10 am – 4 pm


Are shipping and handling charges refundable at Bouclair?

No, shipping and handling charges are not refundable at Bouclair​​.

Is international shipping available at Bouclair?

No, Bouclair does not offer international shipping​​.

Can I track my order with Bouclair?

Yes, Bouclair offers order tracking support​​.

Are order changes and cancellations allowed at Bouclair?

No, Bouclair does not allow modifications and cancellations of orders​​.


Bouclair’s return policy offers a customer-friendly and flexible approach. Customers have a 30-day window for returning items, applicable for both in-store and online purchases. Items must satisfy the conditions stated in the return policy.

For online orders, returns can be made in-store for free or by mail with a provided return label. While product exchanges are allowed in-store, Bouclair does not offer a standard manufacturer’s warranty, and handling and shipping fees are non-refundable.

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