Victoria Secret Return Policy 2024: Key to Smooth Returns and Exchanges

victoria secret return policy

If you’ve recently shopped at Victoria’s Secret and are considering a return, understanding their return policy is crucial for a hassle-free experience.

Victoria’s Secret offers a flexible return policy, allowing customers to return or exchange items within 90 days of purchase with a receipt. Even without a receipt, options are available, though conditions apply. Knowing the specifics, like time frames, conditions for items without tags, and policies for defective merchandise, can simplify the process.

In this article, I will explore these aspects in detail, providing clear and professional guidance on the Victoria’s Secret return policy.

What Is Victoria Secret Return Policy

Victoria’s Secret offers a flexible return policy, allowing customers to return or exchange items within 90 days of purchase with a receipt for a full refund in the original payment method.

Products must be in good condition with original price tags. For lingerie, swimwear, and UGGs, a shorter 30-day return period applies. Without a receipt, merchandise credit is provided based on the item’s lowest selling price.

Note: returns without the original sewn-in garment tag are not accepted. This comprehensive policy ensures a customer-friendly experience while maintaining product integrity.

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Victoria Secret Return Policy Without Receipt

If you’ve misplaced your receipt, don’t worry—you can still return your item for merchandise credit. The credit will reflect the current selling price of the item.

This policy applies to both online and in-store purchases, ensuring convenience and customer satisfaction. For those who made their purchase using a Victoria’s Secret credit card, the store can easily look up the transaction and offer a refund or exchange.

Victoria Secret Return Policy How Many Days

Victoria’s Secret offers a customer-friendly return policy, allowing up to 90 days for returns or exchanges with a receipt. This policy ensures customers have ample time to assess their purchases.

Specifically, standard items can be returned within this 90-day window, while certain products like lingerie, swimwear, and UGGs are limited to a 30-day return period. It’s important for items to be in their original condition with tags attached.

This generous timeframe reflects Victoria’s Secret’s commitment to customer satisfaction, providing flexibility and convenience for a seamless shopping experience.

Victoria Secret Return Policy After 30 Days

Victoria’s Secret maintains a specific policy for returns after 30 days from purchase. Generally, items are not eligible for return or exchange beyond this 30-day period.

However, the brand makes an exception for defective merchandise, which can be returned at any time. Customers are encouraged to contact customer service for any items that are found to be defective.

Both online and in-store purchases are covered under this policy, and for a successful return or exchange, the item must be in its original condition, complete with all tags attached​​.

Victoria Secret Return Policy Without Tag

Items without the original sewn-in garment tag are not eligible for return. Specifically, if an item came with a “Required for Return” tag and it is no longer attached, Victoria’s Secret will not accept the item for a return.

This rule is part of their commitment to ensuring the quality and integrity of their merchandise. It’s important to retain the tags on items until you are certain you won’t need to return them, as this policy is a key aspect of Victoria’s Secret’s return process.

What Is Victoria Secret Exchange Policy

Victoria’s Secret offers a flexible exchange policy, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase. Customers can exchange items, including sale and clearance merchandise and gifts, within 90 days of purchase.

The process is very simple: bring the item to any Victoria’s Secret or PINK store with the original or gift receipt, ensuring the item is unwashed, unworn, and in its original condition. In case of defective or damaged items, exchanges or refunds are available.

Without a receipt, merchandise credit is provided based on the current selling price. Gift recipients can also exchange items or receive merchandise credit with a gift receipt​​​​​​​​​​.

Victoria Secret Return Policy Clearance

Victoria’s Secret offers a flexible return policy for clearance items, ensuring customer satisfaction even on discounted purchases. Customers are allowed to return any purchased item, including those on sale or clearance, for a full refund within the stipulated period, typically 90 days.

However, it’s important to note that while clearance items can be returned, they cannot be exchanged. To facilitate a return, clearance items must be in good condition and accompanied by proof of purchase.

How to Return an Item to Victoria Secret

Returning an item to Victoria’s Secret, whether purchased in-store or online, can be done through a straightforward process. Below is a detailed guide on how to return an item to Victoria’s Secret, both online and in-store:

In-Store Returns

  • Prepare the Item: Ensure the item is in its original condition with tags attached.
  • Receipt: Bring your original receipt or gift receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, you may still be able to return the item for merchandise credit​​.
  • Visit the Store: Return the item to any Victoria’s Secret or PINK store within 90 days of purchase​​.

Online Returns In-Store

  • Prepare the Item: Have the item ready along with the original invoice. If you don’t have an invoice, print it from your order confirmation email or show the confirmation email.
  • Visit the Store: Bring the item to a Victoria’s Secret store within 30 days. The refund will be issued in the original payment form as per Victoria’s Secret Return Policy​​​​.

Online Returns By Mail

  • Packaging: Pack the unwanted item(s) and the packing slip that came with the order. If you don’t have the slip, provide the shipping email copy. You don’t have to use the original packaging.
  • Return Label: Print and attach the free USPS returns label to your package with clear tape.
  • Tracking Number: Record your tracking number for reference.
  • Mail the Package: Drop off your package at a USPS location.


Does Victoria Secret do free returns?

Victoria’s Secret does not offer free returns. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their returns back to the company​​.

Can you return Victoria Secret items to any store?

In-store purchases can be returned to any Victoria’s Secret store, but online purchases must be returned by mail​​.

How can I return my Victoria’s Secret purchase?

You can return your in-store or online purchase within 30 days under Victoria’s Secret return policy. For in-store purchases, return them to any Victoria’s Secret store located in the same area where you made the purchase. Online purchases can be returned either by mail or in any Victoria’s Secret store located in the US​​.

What items are non-returnable?

Victoria’s Secret’s return policy does not cover returns/exchanges on items where the sewn-in garment tag has been cut or on items with a “required for return” tag once you remove the tag​​


Victoria’s Secret offers a flexible return policy, allowing customers to return or exchange items within 90 days of purchase with a receipt, or 30 days for specific items like lingerie.

Without a receipt, a merchandise credit is provided. The policy is accommodating for defective merchandise, permitting returns at any time. However, returns are not accepted for items missing their original sewn-in garment tag.

This policy ensures a fair process for both the company and customers, striking a balance between flexibility and maintaining product integrity, and is crucial for a satisfactory shopping experience at Victoria’s Secret.

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