Ulta Return Policy 2024: Easier Exchanges for All Products

ulta return policy

Wondering about Ulta’s return policy and how it stands out in the beauty retail sector?

Ulta Beauty is renowned for its customer-centric return policy, offering a straightforward and flexible process for its shoppers. Products can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund to the original payment method, provided you have the receipt or used your Ultamate Rewards ID. Ulta even allows the return of used products, as long as the original components are present, ensuring you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. Online purchases can also be returned, either by mail or in-store, though it’s worth noting that return shipping costs are not covered unless the item is defective or shipped incorrectly.

In this article, we delve into the nuances of Ulta’s return policy, providing you with all the insights you need to navigate returns smoothly​​​​​​.

What Is Ulta Return Policy

Ulta Beauty’s return policy is designed to offer convenience and flexibility to its customers, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. Customers are allowed to return products within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund to the original payment method.

This generous window accommodates the needs of all shoppers, ensuring satisfaction with their purchases. For those who used their Ultamate Rewards ID at the time of purchase, Ulta can easily look up the receipt, further simplifying the return process. In cases where the original receipt is not available, Ulta is known to offer store credit as a refund option.

The policy also includes provisions for the return of used products, as long as they are accompanied by the original components. This approach underscores Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Whether the purchase was made in-store or online, Ulta provides clear instructions for returning items, including the option to return online purchases by mail or in-store, which offers a more immediate refund process​​​​​​.

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Ulta Return Policy Without Receipt

Ulta’s return policy is customer-friendly, even without a receipt. You have a 60-day window for returns with a full refund to your original payment method if the purchase was made using your Ultamate Rewards ID, as it allows Ulta to look up your receipt.

If you lack a receipt and the purchase cannot be tracked, you’re still eligible for store credit, provided you present a valid ID during the return. This policy ensures flexibility, allowing even used items to be returned under certain conditions.

Remember, online returns can also be processed in-store to avoid shipping costs, but original shipping charges are non-refundable unless there was an error with your order​​​​​​.

Ulta Return Policy After 60 Days

Ulta Beauty return policy permits returns beyond the 60-day window, though with certain limitations. If a product is returned after 60 days from the purchase date, a full refund is typically not available.

However, customers can still return items with all components included, along with a valid ID and receipt or rewards membership ID. In such cases, Ulta may offer store credit instead of a refund. This policy showcases Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction while encouraging returns within a specified timeframe to maintain fairness and efficiency in handling returns​​.

Ulta Return Policy After 90 Days

Ulta Beauty’s return policy offers flexibility beyond the standard 60-day window. For items returned after 90 days, while a cash refund is not available, customers have the opportunity to receive store credit for their returns, provided that the item’s original components are present and accompanied by a valid ID, receipt, or rewards membership ID.

This policy underscores Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction and flexibility, allowing for returns even beyond the typical period for most retailers, thus accommodating customers who may need more time to decide on their purchase​​.

Ulta Return Policy Perfume

If you are not completely content with your perfume, Ulta allows returns within 60 days from the purchase date for a full refund, as long as the product is lightly used or if there was an issue with your order. The process is straightforward, either in-store with the original receipt and product in its original packaging or by mail to the Ulta.com Returns Center. T

Ulta Return Policy Online

Ulta Beauty’s online return policy is designed for customer convenience, allowing returns within 60 days of the purchase date. This generous window provides ample time to assess if a product meets your expectations. Online purchases can be returned by mail or in-store, offering flexibility. However, it’s important to note that shipping charges for returned items are the customer’s responsibility. This policy underlines Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring a straightforward process for returns​​​​.

Ulta Return Policy Opened Items

Ulta’s return policy generously allows customers to return opened and used items within 60 days for a full refund, provided they have the receipt or order confirmation, a valid government-issued ID, and the original payment card. This customer-friendly policy ensures that if the product does not meet your satisfaction after use, you can still return it, emphasizing Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction and trust in its product quality​​.

Ulta Return Policy Hair Tools

Ulta Beauty’s return policy offers a blend of flexibility and customer convenience, especially when it comes to returning hair tools and other beauty products. Customers have up to 60 days from the purchase date to return products, ensuring they have ample time to evaluate their satisfaction with the item.

For a successful return, products must be in their original condition, which typically means unopened and unused, and in their original packaging. Both online and in-store purchases can be returned, but the process varies slightly between the two

Online purchases can be initiated through the Ulta Beauty account, while in-store purchases require the item and the original receipt to be presented at any Ulta Beauty store. Refunds are processed to the original payment method or as store credit, depending on the customer’s preference and the condition of the return. 

Ulta Holiday Return Policy

Ulta Beauty’s holiday return policy is designed to be customer-friendly, offering flexibility for returns within 60 days of purchase, ensuring products meet expectations or preferences. Items can be returned regardless of whether they were purchased in-store, online, or via the Ulta Beauty app, with the option for mail or in-store returns.

The policy includes full refunds with proof of purchase, and even without a receipt, options like store credit are available, based on the item’s lowest recent selling price. This policy emphasizes Ulta’s commitment to customer satisfaction, accommodating returns for a wide range of reasons, from mismatched makeup shades to unsuitable hair care products, as long as the returns are not abusive to the policy​​​​​​.

What Is Ulta Exchange Policy

Ulta Beauty’s exchange policy is customer-centric, allowing for the exchange of items within 60 days of purchase, ensuring satisfaction with every buy. Whether you’ve made your purchase in-store or online, you can easily exchange your item by visiting any Ulta store with the original receipt, or by mailing it back if bought online.

This policy is part of Ulta’s commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience, facilitating exchanges without hassle, and underscoring their dedication to customer happiness.

How to Return an Item to Ulta

Returning an item to Ulta, whether purchased in-store or online, is a process designed to be customer-friendly and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate both in-store and online returns:

In-Store Returns:

  • Prepare the Item: Make sure the item is in its original condition, including its packaging and any accessories or gifts that come with it.
  • Receipt or Proof of Purchase: Bring your original receipt, email order confirmation, and/or packaging slip. If you’re a member of Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards, your account may also serve as proof of purchase.
  • Visit an Ulta Store: Head to the customer service desk at any Ulta Beauty store. The staff will assist you with the return process.
  • Refund or Exchange: If the item is eligible for a return and falls within the 60-day return window, you can opt for a refund to your original payment method or exchange. If you do not have your receipt but can provide a valid ID, you might still be eligible for store credit based on the item’s lowest selling price in the past 90 days.

Online Returns:

  • Initiate the Return: Log into your Ulta Beauty account and navigate to the “Order History” section. Select the item you wish to return and follow the prompts. If you purchased it in-store, you could still return it by mail following similar steps.
  • Prepare the Package: Pack the item securely in its original packaging along with any accessories, free gifts, and the receipt or packing slip.
  • Ship the Item: For online purchases, use the return mailing package provided or any suitable shipping carton. Address it to the Ulta.com Returns Center at 1135 Arbor Drive, Romeoville, IL 60446. It’s recommended to use a traceable shipping method, especially for items containing hazardous materials.
  • Refund Process: Once your return is received and processed, a refund will be issued to your original payment method, which may take 7-10 business days to appear on your statement. If you return the item to a store, the refund process is immediate.


What is the return window for products purchased at Ulta?

Ulta allows returns within 60 days of the original purchase date for a full refund to the original payment method or store credit if the item is returned without a receipt or after 60 days​​​​.

Is it possible to return items without a receipt?

Yes, if you don’t have a receipt, Ulta can look up your purchase through your Ultamate Rewards member ID or online account. If they cannot locate your purchase, you may still receive store credit based on the lowest selling price of the item in the past 90 days​​​​.

Can I return online purchases in-store?

Yes, online purchases can be returned at any Ulta Beauty store, which is recommended to avoid return shipping costs​​​​.

What happens to my Ultamate Rewards points if I return an item?

Any points earned from the purchase of a product will be deducted upon return. If you used rewards points for the purchase and return the item, your Ultamate Rewards balance will be credited immediately​​.

Does Ulta accept returns without original packaging?

Yes, Ulta accepts returns even if the original packaging is missing, as long as you have the receipt or another proof of purchase​​.

Ulta Customer Care details 

Here are the Ulta Customer Care details for returns: 

  • Phone: 1-866-983-8582. 
  • Chat Support: Ulta offers chat support with specialists available 7 days a week. This can be a quick way to get answers to your questions or resolve issues in real-time.
  • Website: https://www.ulta.com/

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