StockX Return Policy 2024: What You Need to Know

stockx return policy

If you’ve ever faced the dilemma of dealing with a purchase from StockX that didn’t meet your expectations, you’re likely wondering about their return policy.

Navigating the complexities of returns, especially in a dynamic marketplace like StockX, can be challenging. This article provides a clear, professional guide to understanding StockX’s return policy.

From addressing issues with faulty or counterfeit items to exploring the nuances of their no-return stance, I will delve into each aspect, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared for any purchase scenario.

What Is StockX Return Policy

StockX, a prominent live marketplace for sneakers, collectibles, and more, upholds a stringent return policy. Returns, exchanges, or swaps are generally not offered, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to final sales.

However, under its Buyer Promise, StockX addresses specific errors like incorrect shipments or verification mishaps. Customers encountering faulty or inauthentic items have a narrow window of three days from receipt to report these issues.

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StockX Return Policy Wrong Size

StockX maintains a no-return policy for wrong-size orders. This policy extends to exchanges or swaps, ensuring that buyers understand the finality of their purchases.

However, StockX addresses discrepancies in size between ordered and received items, striving to correct them at no charge. For those who receive items as ordered but with sizing issues, StockX suggests reselling them on its platform.

What Is StockX Exchange Policy

StockX, known for its dynamic and real-time marketplace, has a clear-cut exchange policy. Once a transaction is complete—when a buyer’s bid and a seller’s ask match—an order is created.

Due to the nature of their live marketplace, where prices constantly fluctuate based on supply and demand, StockX does not facilitate exchanges or swaps. In situations where a user might want to exchange an item, StockX suggests an alternative: reselling the item on their platform.

What Is StockX Cancellation Policy

StockX’s cancellation policy is designed to uphold the integrity of its marketplace and ensure fairness among buyers and sellers. Normally, once an order is placed on StockX, it cannot be canceled.

This policy is in place because the moment an order is made, the seller is notified to prepare the item for shipping. Since purchases are often based on the lowest asking price or through auction bidding, canceling an order after it has been made can negatively impact sellers and other buyers, especially given the limited quantities of items available.

However, there are some exceptions to this strict policy. For residents in the UK or EU, the Right to Withdrawal allows for the return of items, which is a form of cancellation post-purchase.

Moreover, in very rare circumstances, StockX might consider order cancellation requests. If you need to cancel an order, it is advised to contact StockX’s customer support as soon as possible.

Transparency and a clear explanation of the situation in your communication can help. Notably, if a seller fails to ship the item within the specified time frame, you might be able to cancel the order. However, it is important to note that such instances are rare since StockX enforces strict shipping timelines for sellers​​​​​​.

Do you get your money back from StockX if your bid is too low?

If your bid is too low on StockX, you have the option to withdraw it at any point before it matches a seller’s ask. This means you are not financially committed to a low bid and can retract it without any financial penalty​​.

Do you get your money back from StockX if your bid is taken?

Once your bid matches a seller’s ask on StockX, it creates an order, and you are committed to the purchase. StockX, being a live marketplace with fluctuating prices, does not offer refunds, exchanges, or swaps after a bid and an ask have been matched​​.

If you delete your bid on StockX, do you get money back?

You can delete your bid on StockX using the “Delete Bid” button available in the “Edit Bid” screen on your desktop or the StockX app. Deleting a bid is possible from various sections on the StockX Buying tab and from the product page. This implies that if you delete a bid before it is matched, there are no financial implications, and you won’t lose any money​​.

Does StockX refund you when the package is stolen?

If your package is stolen, StockX may issue a refund, but you must reach out to them within 3 days of the tracking information indicating “delivered”. The process to investigate a stolen package claim could take up to 10 business days. This suggests that StockX provides some protection and potential refunds in cases of theft, but it’s crucial to report the issue promptly​​​​.


What should I do if I receive a faulty or defective item from StockX?

If you receive a faulty or defective item, you should report it to StockX within three days of receiving it. Depending on the case, you may be able to resell it back on StockX​​.

Does StockX accept returns for wrong-sized items?

StockX handles returns for wrong-sized items on a case-by-case basis. You need to contact their customer service within three days of receiving the item​​.

Can I get a refund if I receive a damaged item from StockX?

StockX does not offer refunds for damaged items. However, you can contact their customer service within three days of receipt to see if your case qualifies for a return. Alternatively, you may resell the item on StockX​​​​.

Is there a time limit for reporting issues with my StockX purchase?

Yes, you should report any issues with your purchase, such as receiving a counterfeit, faulty, or wrong-sized item, within three days of receipt​​​​​​.

What if I receive the wrong item from StockX?

If you receive the wrong item, you should contact StockX immediately. Their Buyer Promise may cover such mistakes, and you may be eligible for a return or exchange in this specific scenario​​.


StockX, as a dynamic live marketplace, maintains a stringent return policy. Primarily, it does not offer standard returns, exchanges, or swaps.

Exceptions are made under its Buyer Promise for specific errors like incorrect deliveries or authentication issues. For faulty or counterfeit items, customers must report within three days, with the option to resell non-returnable items on StockX.

This policy underscores the platform’s commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction, while also emphasizing buyer responsibility in transactions.

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