Leon’s Return Policy 2024: Effortless Return Process

leon’s return policy

If you’re grappling with Leon’s return policy, you’re not alone. Navigating return policies can be a maze, but this article aims to clear the fog.

Leon’s operates on a principle of finality in sales, meaning generally no returns after delivery, with an exception for concealed damage reported within 3 days​​. For appliances, they offer a slight flexibility with a 72-hour window for returns, subject to restocking fees and specific conditions​​. Mattress buyers, however, get a “Sleep Comfort” guarantee for 200 nights, provided a qualifying mattress protector is purchased​​.

In this article, I will delve deeper into each aspect of these policies, offering clarity and guidance.

What Is Leon’s Return Policy

Leon’s return policy is customer-centric, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience. All sales are considered final, but they provide a window for reporting concealed damages within 3 days of delivery.

This policy reflects a commitment to quality and customer service, assuring buyers that any hidden flaws will be addressed promptly​​. For appliances, Leon’s offers the assurance of manufacturer warranties, with the added flexibility of returning unused appliances within 72 hours of delivery, subject to restocking fees.

Concealed appliance damages reported within this period are eligible for repair or replacement, safeguarding your investment​​. Additionally, Leon’s distinguishes itself with a “Sleep Comfort” guarantee, offering a 200-night satisfaction period for mattress sets, conditional on purchasing a qualifying mattress protector.

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Leon’s Appliance Return Policy

All appliance sales at Leon’s are considered final and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty, detailed on a card with each appliance, is honored at any approved service depot.

It’s important to note that this warranty only applies to equipment used for personal or home use, not for professional, commercial, or business purposes. If you wish to return an unused appliance, you can do so within 72 hours of delivery for a refund, minus any restocking fees.

Additionally, if you report concealed damage on the appliance within 72 hours of delivery or pick-up, Leon’s will repair it free of charge. If the item is irreparable, Leon’s will provide an exact replacement at no additional cost, or offer a reselection if a replacement isn’t available​​.

Leons Mattress Return Policy

Leon’s offers a comprehensive “Sleep Comfort” guarantee for mattress purchases, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. This guarantee extends for 200 nights from the date of delivery of your new mattress set, contingent on the purchase of a qualifying mattress protector.

This policy underscores Leon’s commitment to providing customers with confidence in their mattress purchase, ensuring a comfortable and satisfactory sleeping experience. The extended duration of the guarantee reflects Leon’s focus on customer well-being and satisfaction with their mattress choices​​.

What Is Leon’s Exchange Policy

Leon’s has a clear and specific policy regarding exchanges. All appliance sales are under manufacturer warranty and are considered final. This means if you purchase an appliance from Leon’s, it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, detailed on a card included with each item.

If there’s concealed damage reported within 72 hours of delivery, Leon’s or their agent will repair it at no extra charge. If repair isn’t possible, they’ll offer an exact replacement.

For electronics, the policy is similar; sales are final and covered under manufacturer warranty. Exchanges for appliances and electronics can’t occur without authorization from the manufacturer, emphasizing the finality of these sales​​.

Leon’s Warranty Claim

Leon’s offers robust warranty protection for its products, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The L2 360° Appliance/Electronics Warranty covers purchases over $400 with a unique “Get Your Investment Back” guarantee, “Full Comparable Replacement,” and a “No Lemon Pledge.”

Customers also enjoy the opportunity to win Leon’s gift cards in monthly draws during the warranty period​​. For mattresses, Leon’s provides a 200 Night Sleep Comfort Guarantee, ensuring a satisfactory sleep experience with the purchase of a mattress protector​​.

Additionally, the L2 Adjustable Bed Base Warranty offers up to 10 years of coverage, guaranteeing the proper operation of the bed base for a comfortable rest​​.

Leon’s Customer Care details

Leon’s customer service details are as follows:

Leon’s Customer Service Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM​​​​.


What if my merchandise arrives damaged?

Report any damage within 3 days of receipt. Leon’s will repair furniture and appliances free of charge. If repair isn’t possible, an exact replacement or a reselection will be offered. Electronic sales are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and require manufacturer authorization for exchanges​​.

Does Leon’s offer a warranty on its merchandise?

Yes, all merchandise (except markdown and “As Is” sales) is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For any issues, contact the customer service department of the nearest Leon’s store​​.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order by contacting the delivery/pickup store. However, special order products cannot be canceled​​.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, you can change your delivery date up until 48 hours before the scheduled delivery. Contact your delivery store to update the delivery date​​.


In conclusion, Leon’s return policy reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction, emphasizing peace of mind and quality service. While sales are generally final, Leon’s accommodates specific situations, such as concealed damage to furniture reported within 72 hours, offering repair, replacement, or reselection.

Additionally, Leon’s “Sleep Comfort” guarantee provides a 200-night satisfaction period for mattresses, ensuring comfort with the purchase of a qualifying protector.

For appliances and electronics, sales are final, backed by a manufacturer warranty, indicating Leon’s focus on quality assurance and customer trust in their offerings​​​​​​.

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