L.L. Bean Return Policy 2024: Easy Returns and Exchanges

l.l. bean return policy

If you’ve recently purchased an item from L.L. Bean and are contemplating a return, understanding their policy is crucial. L.L. Bean prioritizes customer satisfaction, allowing returns within one year of purchase if you’re not 100% satisfied.

This policy even extends to items with material or craftsmanship defects after the first year. However, there are exceptions, such as products damaged by misuse or accidents, and those showing excessive wear and tear.

In this article, I will tell you the specifics of L.L. Bean’s return policy, offering clarity and guidance to ensure a smooth return process.

What Is L.L. Bean Return Policy

L.L. Bean’s return policy is comprehensive and customer-oriented. Customers can return products within a year for a refund if dissatisfied. After a year, returns are accepted only for items with defects due to materials or craftsmanship.

This policy does not apply to products purchased before February 9, 2018. Certain exceptions include products damaged by misuse, excessive wear and tear, natural disasters, or missing labels. Returns via UPS or US mail cost $6.50 unless paid with an L.L.Bean Mastercard or Bean Bucks, which makes it free. Items can also be returned to retail stores at no extra cost.

If you lack a receipt or are returning a gift, customer service can assist with the necessary information. Refunds are quickest when items are mailed back with the provided label. Store returns can result in in-store credit or a check, but cash returns are not guaranteed​​​​​​​​​​.

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L.L. Bean Return Without Receipt

L.L. Bean’s return policy without a receipt is designed to be accommodating while ensuring fairness and customer satisfaction:

  • Proof of Purchase: L.L.Bean generally requires proof of purchase for returns and exchanges. However, if you shop online or provide your information at checkout, they typically have a record of your purchase, which can be used instead of a physical receipt​​​​.
  • Lost Receipt: If you’ve lost your purchasing slip, it’s not a significant issue. L.L.Bean accepts returns without a receipt within one year, provided you give your details so they can search for your invoice. For online orders, you can reprint your receipt from the “My Orders” section on their website​​.
  • Returning Gifts or Items without Order Number: If you’re returning a gift or don’t have the order number, contact L.L.Bean’s customer service. They will assist in providing the necessary information for the return process​​.

What Is L.L. Bean Exchange Policy

L.L. Bean’s exchange policy offers several convenient options, ensuring a smooth and customer-friendly experience:

  • Fastest Exchange: Place a new order for the desired item and return the original. This option provides the quickest service​​.
  • Call for Exchange: Contact L.L. Bean at 1-800-441-5713 to arrange an immediate shipment of your new items. Note that while the standard shipping fee for the new order is waived, a $6.50 charge applies if using the prepaid return label for the original items​​.
  • In-Store Exchange: Bring the item along with proof of purchase to any L.L. Bean retail store or outlet for an exchange​​.
  • Mail Exchange: Utilize the return/exchange forms included with your order, or fill out new forms online. The new items will be shipped once your return is processed, which may take 2-3 weeks​​.

What Items Are Eligible for Return?

Here’s a guide on L.L.Bean’s return policy regarding eligible items:

  • General Eligibility: Products can be returned within one year of purchase if you’re not completely satisfied. This applies to items defective in materials or craftsmanship. For purchases before February 9, 2018, there’s no one-year limit. Proof of purchase is required​​.
  • Non-Eligible Items: Certain items aren’t eligible for return, including products damaged by misuse, abuse, negligence, or accidents; products showing excessive wear and tear; items lost or damaged due to disasters; products with defaced labels; soiled or contaminated items; returns on ammunition; and items from habitual policy abusers or third-party sellers​​.
  • Special Handling Items: Items needing special handling, like oversized freight and hazardous materials, aren’t eligible for Easy Online Returns. These items, including those shipped to international addresses, require specific return procedures​​.
  • Large Furniture and Mobile Kiosks: Large indoor and outdoor furniture must be returned to the Davis Warehouse in Freeport, Maine. Also, mobile kiosks can only process returns for items purchased at those locations​​.

How to Return an Item to L.L. Bean

Returning an item to L.L. Bean, whether online or in-store, is a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide:

Online Returns

  • Prepare the Return: Use the return/exchange forms included with your order or print new ones online​​.
  • Initiate the Return Online: Log into your account, find your order, and select “Start a Return”​​.
  • Print Shipping Label: Once your return is initiated, print the shipping labels and packing slips from the website​​.
  • Package the Item: Place the item(s) and the packing slips inside a box and affix one of the shipping labels to the outside​​.
  • Send the Package: Drop off the package at a mail carrier or schedule a pickup.

In-Store Returns

  • Gather Items and Proof of Purchase: Bring the item(s) you want to return along with proof of purchase or order information to an L.L.Bean store or outlet​​​​.
  • Visit the Store: Locate the nearest L.L.Bean store or outlet and visit for the return​​​​.
  • Process the Return: Store staff will assist in processing your return. Note that large furniture must be returned to the Davis Warehouse in Freeport, Maine, and items bought at mobile kiosks should be returned to those specific locations​​.

Gift Returns

  • Prepare the Return: If returning a gift, use the Return & Exchange form and shipping label included in your package​​.
  • Initiate Gift Return Online: Use your order number to start a gift return online, or if you don’t have the order number, contact customer service for assistance​​.
  • Choose Return Method: You can either return the gift in-store or via mail as detailed in the steps above​​.

Other Considerations

  • No L.L.Bean Label: If you decide not to use L.L.Bean’s shipping label, you are responsible for the return shipping costs. Mail the return with the filled-out form to L.L.Bean’s address in Freeport, Maine​​.
  • Return Processing Time: Returns by mail can take up to 2-3 weeks to process​​.

L.L.BeanCustomer Care details

Phone Numbers:

  • From the USA and Canada: 800-441-5713​​​​.
  • From the United Kingdom: 0-800-891-297​​.
  • From other countries: Dial the international access code, followed by 207-552-3028​​.

Hours of Operation:

You can contact L.L.Bean customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week​​.


When can I expect a refund?

Returns by mail take 2-3 weeks to process. Refunds are typically issued to the original payment method, while gift recipients get a Return Gift Card​​.

Why can’t some orders and items be returned online?

Items needing special handling, such as oversized freight, hazardous materials, or those shipped to international addresses, can’t be returned online. For these items, contact customer service for assistance​​.

Can I return online purchases to a store?

Yes, most online purchases can be returned to a store or outlet. Exceptions include large furniture and items bought from mobile kiosks​​.

Are there any reasons my return might not be accepted?

Returns may be denied for reasons like misuse, excessive wear, and tear, loss or damage due to disasters, defaced labels, personal dissatisfaction, contamination, ammunition returns, habitual policy abuse, or purchases from third-party sellers​​.


L.L. Bean’s return policy offers a reassuring level of flexibility and customer focus. You have a year from the purchase date to return items if they don’t meet your expectations.

Post one year, returns are accepted for defective items. This policy is applicable with proof of purchase and excludes products damaged by misuse, accidents, or natural wear and tear.

Returns can be made via mail with a nominal fee or for free at retail stores. If you lack a receipt, customer service can assist. The policy strikes a balance between customer satisfaction and fair usage, embodying L.L. Bean’s commitment to quality and service.

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