Sam’s Club Return Policy 2024: Easy Refunds and Exchanges

sam’s club return policy

If you’re wondering about Sam’s Club’s return policy, this article provides all the essential information you need. 

Sam’s Club prides itself on a hassle-free return policy, underlined by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most items can be returned at any time, with some exceptions like electronics and major appliances which have a 90-day return window, and cell phones which must be returned within 14 days. Items like gift cards, custom-made products, and prescriptions, however, are not eligible for returns. The process is straightforward: you can return items in-store or online, and refunds are usually issued in the original form of payment. 

In this article, we have detailed all aspects of Sam’s Club’s return policy to ensure a clear understanding of what you can expect when you need to return a product​​​​​​.

What Is Sam’s Club Return Policy

Sam’s Club’s return policy is customer-friendly and flexible. As a current member, if you’re not satisfied with a purchase, whether made online or in-club, Sam’s Club offers a refund or replacement, with a few exceptions. Most items can be returned anytime, but there are specific timeframes for certain categories: electronics and major appliances (within 90 days), commercial heavy equipment and motorsports items (within 30 days), and cell phones (within 14 days).

Some items like gift cards, tickets, custom-made items, and prescriptions cannot be returned. You can return items in-club, ship them back, or call their customer service for assistance. For online purchases, returns can be made at any club location, except for a few items like vending machines and golf carts.

Sam’s Club is lenient with receipts, allowing returns without them as they can often track the purchase. Returns usually result in a refund to the original payment method, but in-store returns without receipts may take longer to process. Their return policy is generally considered less strict than Costco’s, offering a high degree of flexibility and customer satisfaction​​​​​​​​.

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Sam’s Club Return Policy Without Receipt

Sam’s Club’s return policy allows customers to return most items at any time for a full refund or replacement, with a few exceptions having specific time constraints. You can make returns without a receipt, as Sam’s Club can often locate your purchase in their system.

While the return of opened products is allowed (except food and contact lenses), some items like gift cards, prepaid cards, custom-made products, prescriptions, and alcohol cannot be returned. Electronics and major appliances have a 90-day return window, and certain items like cell phones and motorsports products have a 14 to 30-day return period.

Returns can be made in-store or via mail for online purchases, with Sam’s Club covering shipping costs in certain cases. The refund method typically matches the original form of payment, and online purchases can be returned in-store. This flexible policy is part of Sam’s Club’s commitment to customer satisfaction, though store managers have the discretion to deny returns in cases of suspected abuse of the policy​​​​​​.

Sam’s Club Return Policy Online

Sam’s Club offers a comprehensive and customer-friendly return policy for online purchases. Most items bought online can be returned at any Sam’s Club location within the U.S., with a few exceptions like vending machines and golf carts which are indicated on the product page.

The policy allows for returns of most products without any time constraints, ensuring a full refund or replacement. However, specific items such as electronics and major appliances have a 90-day return window, while carrier-connected devices and cell phones have a 14-day return period.

Some items like gift cards, custom-made products, and prescriptions are not eligible for return. The process is straightforward: log into your account, go to ‘Purchase History’, select ‘Return Item’, and print the return label for shipping. Sam’s Club covers the return shipping costs, making it hassle-free for the customer.

Sam’s Club Return Policy on Opened Items

Sam’s Club has a flexible return policy, allowing returns of most items, including those that have been opened. If you’re not satisfied with a product, such as an electronic device or clothing, you can return it even after it’s been used.

For a full refund on opened items, it’s important to return them with all accessories and packaging. There are certain products, however, that must remain unopened for return, such as food and contact lenses, due to health and safety reasons. Items purchased in-store must be returned in-store, while online purchases can be returned either in-store or by mail.

Sam’s Club covers shipping costs for online returns. Remember, some items have specific return timeframes, like electronics within 90 days, and there are items that cannot be returned, including gift cards and custom-made products. The store manager has the discretion to deny returns, particularly if the return policy is being abused​​​​​​​​.

Sam’s Club Return Policy Without Box

Sam’s Club generally requires items to be returned in their original packaging, including manuals or warranty cards. However, if you find yourself needing to return an item without its box, Sam’s Club may consider a return, but it’s not guaranteed.

Partial refunds might be offered in cases where an item is returned partially or without its complete original packaging. It’s always best to contact Sam’s Club directly to see if your specific situation is eligible for a return or refund.

Remember, their return policy is quite generous, aiming for customer satisfaction, but certain limitations apply, especially for items like electronics and major appliances, which have specific return windows​​​​.

Sam’s Club Battery Return Policy

Sam’s Club offer refunds for the core charge on batteries purchased at their stores. If you have an old battery, even if it wasn’t bought from Sam’s Club, they provide battery recycling to ensure proper disposal.

When returning items, including batteries, Sam’s Club advises having your receipt and membership card for easier processing. The refund will be issued in the original form of payment or as a Sam’s Club shopping card. Each store may have different policies for returning car batteries, so it’s recommended to check with your local store for specific details​​​​.

Sam’s Club Mattress Return Policy

If you’re not fully satisfied with your mattress purchase from Sam’s Club, you have the option to return it within 30 days for a full refund or a free replacement. This policy is part of their commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Interestingly, you don’t have to physically return the mattress to their store or ship it back if you bought it online. Instead, just bring the “Do Not Remove” tags from the mattress along with your original receipt to process the return. If you’ve lost your receipt, don’t worry – Sam’s Club can often look it up for you, especially if you bring your member card.

In the case of online purchases, you can also retrieve your receipt through your Sam’s Club online account. Refunds are usually processed promptly and will be credited back to your original method of payment. However, do note that shipping and delivery charges might not be refunded unless there was a mistake on Sam’s Club’s part or if the mattress was damaged during shipping​​​​​​.

How to Return an Item to Sam’s Club

Returning an item to Sam’s Club, whether purchased online or in-store, can be done quite easily with their accommodating return policy. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

For In-store Returns:

  • Bring the Item to the Store: You can return products purchased either online or in-store to any Sam’s Club location.
  • Bring Necessary Documents: Have your receipt, member card, and the original form of payment with you.
  • Visit the Customer Service Desk: Go to the customer service desk for assistance with the return.

For Online Returns via Mail:

  • Login to Your Account: Access your Sam’s Club account online and navigate to ‘My Account’ then ‘Purchase History’.
  • Initiate the Return: Select the item you wish to return and click on ‘Return Item’.
  • Print the Return Label: After clicking ‘Return Item’, print out the provided return label.
  • Package and Ship: Securely package your item with all original accessories and the return label attached, then drop it off at a postal office.

Sam’s Club customer Service Details

Here are the Sam’s Club Customer Care details for returns: 


Can I return an item bought online to a Sam’s Club store?

Yes, most purchases made on may be returned to any Sam’s Club location in the United States. However, certain items like golf carts and vending machines purchased online cannot be returned to a store.

What items are non-returnable at Sam’s Club?

Non-returnable items include gift cards, prepaid cards, tickets, custom-made products (like personalized gifts and photos), prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco products, and purchases made through Sam’s Club’s Wholesale Trading Program.

How can I request a return through

To request a return, log into your account, go to Order Details, and select Return Item. Alternatively, you can call their Member Service Center at 1-888-746-7726 for assistance.

Are shipping and delivery charges refundable?

Shipping and delivery charges are only refunded if the return is a result of an error by Sam’s Club or if the item was damaged during shipping.


In conclusion, Sam’s Club offers a highly accommodating return policy, aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction. Most items can be returned at any time, without a specific time constraint, making the process flexible and convenient for customers.

Exceptions to this rule include electronics and major appliances, which have a 90-day return window, and cell phones, which must be returned within 14 days. Items such as gift cards, prepaid cards, tickets, custom-made products, prescriptions, and items bought through Sam’s Club’s Wholesale Trading Program are not returnable.

Sam’s Club also allows returns without a receipt, simplifying the process for customers. This policy demonstrates Sam’s Club’s commitment to customer satisfaction and stands out as one of the more generous return policies in the retail sector​​​

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